“Crabs are our specialty” we cannot stress this enough as at the crab’s house – Patong, we are the biggest crab enthusiasts you will ever come across.

Here we served Thai-Chinese fusion menus with every items cooked to perfections by our chefs with over 40 years experience. Our popular menus are namely, Chili Crabs, Crabs in yellow curry and Lobsters stir-fried with cashew nuts. Our crabs and lobsters are kept alive and fed everyday to ensure that when you order one, they will be full of meat and flavor and most importantly, extremely fresh!
Here we source our produces from the local oceans, both Andaman and Thai Bay to ensure the freshest, tastiest seafood dining experience you will ever indulge. You will be impressed with our welcoming exquisite atmosphere with modern Chinese décor, glass window see-through kitchen and service with the biggest smile in Thailand.
55The restaurant is situated on Phangmuang Road between Juncylon Shopping mall and Patong Hospital but if you walk along this wide boulevard, you don’t really need to worry about remembering the address, as Crab House announces itself to all passers-by through the presence of a HUGE ORANGE CRAB, which rears up above its welcoming portals.

You just can’t miss it!! Walking into the friendly vibe of Crab House you’ll immediately be impressed by the big bubbling tanks of fresh crustaceans arranged around the walls and on the floor.

The helpful staff will make sure you have a cold beer, or a glass of wine from the cozy bar and then introduce you to some of the be-clawed denizens of this flamboyant eatery.


There are huge mud crabs that weigh in at up to 2 kilos, each with their fearsome-looking claws and are absolutely the biggest crabs you will find anywhere on the island.

There are also Blue crabs, as well as lobsters, prawns and all the other key ingredients of lip-smackingly good seafood meals, but it’s the heavyweight mud crabs that are the stars of this superb culinary show…Click More

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